NYC Meets Rajasthan

Edios Napoli SS17

I initially thought I could tap into my Indian network and find at least 20 models but that didn’t work out. Note, modeling agencies in NYC have little to no Indian models because there isn’t high demand the city. Hopefully shows like this will change that. This was a street casting and it required going into neighborhoods and venues where the target demographic frequented.

Half of Jackson Heights, Queens probably thought I was out of my mind. However, I went into restaurants, grocery stores and anywhere I saw good looking Indian men. Then I made my way through India Row in the East Village and Midtown East. I was having very little luck.

A friend mentioned there was a jazzy Indian band playing in Prospect Park, Red Barret. So the casting director and I met later that night at the concert and hit the jackpot. Not only was this band awesome, the crowd was beautiful and the show was cast! We casted 11 models from the Red Barret concert and three from NYC modeling agencies. There were three spots for women that were easier to cast.

Edios Napoli: Spring/Summer 2017
-Creative Director: Antonio Ciongoli
-Casting: Boom Productions




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