Downtown Mexico City

I’ve explored the Yucatan Peninsula since Spring Break 2004 and have proclaimed my love for Mexico from the rooftop. I didn’t realize how limited my exposure to Mexico was until I traveled to Mexico City.
Downtown Mexico Hotel

img_4281We stayed in the history district at the Downtown Mexico Hotel, which was clearly more traditional the more developed neighborhoods of Polanco, La Condesa, Roma and others.

IMG_1715.jpgThe only downside of this hotel would be the name. It’s not  located Downtown as implied but rather in the Historic District. The hotel itself has a boutique shopping center with traditional Mexican jewelry, clothing, and delicacies. The hotel, once a majestic home, has been transformed into a hip historian hotel with a sexy rooftop and terrace. The bedrooms are reasonably sized with high ceilings and intricate stone work. The staff is very friendly and genuinely helpful.


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