Mexico City Eats

Nobu, Polanco


I love some Nobu. It’s my guilty pleasure. As a former Nobu employee, I can attest to their high level of customer service and delectable cuisine. The definition of tried and true. No matter where you are on the planet, Nobu creates an experience that stays true to their brand and the local.

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What I had:

  • Yellowtail jalapeno: If you’ve never been to any of the Nobu restaurants this dish is your first stop. One of Nobu Matsuhisa’s claim to fame, it’s the right blend of spice, citrus and freshly cut yellowtail.
  • Yellowtail tartar: The toro tatars is recommended by most but the yellowtail works well saturated in wasabi soy sauce.
  • Fluke with dry miso: This was introduced to the menu in 2007 and remains my favorite dish.The fresh fluke, crunchy dry miso, yuzu sauce and flavorful garlic chips are the perfect flavor combo.
  • Wagyu beef and foie gras gyoza: Also introduced in 2007. Perfectly tender beef with deliciously prominent fois gras. The shichimi ponzu dipping sauce adds the right touch.
  • Sake
  • Green tea

Oro de Agua, La Condesa

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One of the best things about Mexico is the access to fresh produce. Fresh fruit and vegetables serve as decor at Oro de Agua. There’s a communal vibe.
Food is fresh and affordably priced. It’s more affordable to buy domestic than imported. This seems like a no brainer but there are some countries in Central America in which this is not the case.
What I had:

  • Chicken sandwich with mango and peppers served with mixed greens.
  • Fresh juices: Great collection. we had power and energy. Power is your average green juice and energy is a carrot based juice.
  • Lemon water with chia seed
  • Americanos

Dulce Patria, Polanco

Modern Mexican in Polanco. I highly recommend making reservations if you decide to go. Service is professional and it’s very non-Spanish speaking friendly.
What I had:

  • Appetizer sampler (taquitos)
  • Duck Tacos
  • Seabass
  • Spicy margaritas
  • Agua de Piedra sparkling water from Montgomery

Cafe De Tacuba, Historic District

Traditional Mexican restaurant, predominantly frequented by locals and a few tourists. The waitresses wear cute uniforms resembling 1950’s nurses. (Think Darryl Hanna Kill Bill) The decor is rustic Mexican and so is the cuisine.
Menus were only available in Spanish but with the help of Google Translate, and the lovely waitress recommendations, it all worked out to be…muy deliciosa.
What I had:

  • Tampiqueña steak:
  • Chicken tamales: Wrapped in banana leaf.  ***
  • Tacuba special enchiladas
  • Spicy margarita
  • Mezcal purple drink ***

Rosetta, Juarez

This restaurant was highly recommended by a few friends. The decor is beautiful with a rustic setting, marble stairs and shabby chic wood. The reservation policy is pretty strict. I wouldn’t show up without booking.
What I had:

  • Burrata with roasted tomato sauce and almonds: You can rarely go wrong with burrata. 
  • Pumpkin ravioli: Great flavors
  • Pesto Gnocchi: 
  • Prime rib with polenta: Polenta was well flavored.
  • Wine: Atteca Grenach. Yes, yes, and yes!  Delicious and well rounded. Stick with wine and classic spirits. They make other cocktails but i wouldn’t recommend anything complicated.
  • Agua de Piedra: Sparkling water from Montgomery

Cafe Paraiso (bar/club)

Prepare for New York City style door. This is a very cute semi-hidden bar which serves cocktails and offers bottle service. I stick with beer. Only Spanish music and the dance floor is full.

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