Chichén Itzá

img_2758Chichén Itzá is one of the largest ancient Mayan cities, it dates back to 750-900 BC. If you find yourself in the Yucatan Peninsula, this site is a must.  img_0552

We drove from Tulum to Chichén Itzá which was about 2 hours. The Yucatan peninsula’s roads are extremely tourist friendly, with clear and concise street signs. Many tourists and Mexicans make the pilgrimage to Chichén Itzá so on route you’ll see multiple buses and taxi’s, however we encountered little to no traffic. You will also drive past very cute stores and scenic towns like Coba.

As you enter the site be mindful of people trying to get you into unregistered parking spots. I don’t think this is particularly dangerous but I can’t guarantee that. The entrance fee was $286 pesos ($14 US). I can’t describe how beautiful this experience was so i’ll show you.

There are many vendors selling clothing, jewelry, toys and anything under the sun. I was very skeptical of these vendors because I assumed they were tourist traps and would have tourist prices $$$$. However on the road back, as we stopped at other stores, I realized the vendors in Chichén Itzá priced their merchandise VERY reasonably.

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