Tulum Eats

Posada Margarita $$$
Words can’t describe how fresh and delicious every bite at Posada Margarita is. They have an amazing selection of Italian wines, homemade pasta, freshly baked bread and succulent seafood. Quality is everything at this restaurant and after my 5th dinning experience I can honestly say they haven’t lowered the bar. The menu is small and features about eight freshly made dishes prepared to perfection.
What I had: Burrata Salad, Al Pomodoro Fresco, Sautéed Snapper in lemon, tomato, and butter sauce
Tip: PAY IN PESOS. Credit card payment isn’t accepted. Like many restaurants in Tulum, if you pay in US dollars there’s a 15% up charge.


LA Estancia Jujeña Tulum $$
Welcome to the most underrated restaurant in Tulum! About a year ago by chance,  I stumbled into this restaurant and was blown away by the quality of the steak. I googled my heart out but couldn’t find it again as I forgot the name. While searching for a great steak restaurant, a few staff members at Posada Margarita recommended that I ONLY have steak at one particular restaurant in town because the owner raised and sourced all the meat served from his personal farm. They couldn’t remember the name but provided directions and low and behold, it was the same restaurant. Once again I had an amazing dining experience at LA Estancia Jujeña Tulum.
What I had: Mixed grill platter for 2 and it was more than enough for 3.

Ahau Tulum $$$
One of the best ways to start your day! This place is the definition of zen. Literally… they have yoga classes :). This restaurant is a must for breakfast and lunch. They have a clean menu with fresh juices, smoothies, yogurt and seasonal fruit. However, I had pancakes and bacon, which was balanced by the fresh pressed juice I ordered on the side.

Top: FRAME, Pants: Mara Hoffman

SIDE NOTE: If there’s a celebrity in town, they’ll probably be making a stop at this location. The crowd is beyond sexy and stylish.
What I had: Pancakes with sautéed apples and peaches. What’s up Doc (juice)

Kitchen Table Tulum $$$
This restaurant has a very serious reservation policy and they’ll remind you in a hot second. I had a nice romantic dinner by myself here one night. The kitchen was classic 4 star New York City.
What I had: Roasted Pear Salad with blue cheese and mustard vinaigrette.
Sautéed octopus with sweet potatoes and cilantro
Passion fruit caipirinha: the drink special for the night and it was the best caipirinha I’ve ever had!

Ziggy Beach $$
Everything a beach restaurant should be, this is a great place for an afternoon stop.  We enjoyed lunch and cocktails. The prices are modest and the food is good. Mixed crowd of single vacationers and families. My favorite part of this property is actually the beach. Seaweed is a bit of an issue in Tulum but this beach has a manageable amount in the water.
What I had:  Blackened Tuna Salad and a spicy margarita

Hartwood $$$
If you go to one restaurant in Tulum, it has to be Hardwood. I kid you not and I hate to say this because there are so many delicious restaurants. Hartwood is seriously, seriously good. If you don’t make a reservation you have VERY little chances of getting a table. They have a seasonal menu that often changes but never disappoints. The atmosphere is very laid back. They have a drink lovers bar, with well blended and eclectic cocktails.
Pork ribs are the bees knees and fall off the bone as soon as your fork makes contact.
Sea Bass: Is buttery and delicious with the slightest crisp on the skin
Plantains: Cooked in the skin, then sliced open and covered with a sweet crispy cinnamon topping.

Burrito Amor $
Casual and affordable breakfast and lunch spot off the beaten path at the end of Tulum Town. I stayed at a guest house on my second visit to Tulum and came across this venue. Tulum town has many hostels and hence a large amount of budget travelers in comparison to the hotel/beach strip but this venue caters well to both crowds. The space is completely outdoors and has a hip yet helpful staff. Their menu is gluten allergy friendly and clean.

Azafran $
One of the best and most affordable breakfasts in Tulum. Their menu has a breakfast package which includes an entree, coffee and fresh orange juice. I had a crepe stuffed with yogurt and fresh fruit. YUM!!! The best part was the honey that I poured on top. Tulum has fresh honey in high supply and the condiment is frequently offered in local specialty shops and restaurants. No honey bear in sight.

Coco Tulum $$
Cocktail time!!! On my first trip to this bar it was painted blue, the second time it was pink, this time it’s white. There are fun cocktails and it’s a relaxed beach setting. They have a light bar menu as well but i was focused on my margarita.

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