Tulum Town Trinkets

img_1120Tulum has two different shoppers, the luxury shopper who shops the boutiques along the “hotel zone” or the budget/specialty shopper who hustles through the stores in Tulum Town. I’m the budget specialty shopper.

I’m going to give some love to the hotel zone stores and say that, there’s an unbelievable selection of delicately well made beach and lounge wear. Hotels like Coqui Coqui and Posada Margarita have well curated stores with hand crafted jewelry, candles, perfumes etc. These stores carry some of the best resort designers like Zimmermann, Miguelina, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Marysia, L*Space, Vix and many others. However, most of these items can be purchased in New York so I prefer to buy locally made traditional Mexican pieces.

dsc03673Tulum town has a market feel despite the fact that these are all individual boutiques. Stores open as early as 9 a.m. and close after 9 p.m. You’re able to bargain in many stores but the prices are so good, you don’t need to bother. There are two stores in particular that I highly recommend. Artesanias Sirena and Plata Mexicana.

dsc03297Artesanias Sirena has an amazing selection of crafts, clothing, accessories and jewelry. The prices are the best I’ve seen in Tulum, especially for the quality.

Plata Mexicana, silver, silver, and more silver!!! This store is soooo perfect. Unlike most stores in Tulum they have a promotional website, so you’re able to see exactly what I’m talking about. Check out some of my buys.

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