Doing the Most on Jost Van Dyke

img_0967If you’d like to experience something truly rare, this is the trip. I searched for the best way to ring in the New Year and Jost Van Dyke popped up multiple times for it huge celebration on Great Harbor, sold! The best way to enjoy the British Virgin Islands is via boat but as I’m not a sailor and my swimming skills are a joke, I decided to rent a villa on Jost Van Dyke. If you choose to do this during high season, rent at least 6 months in advance because accommodations fills up quickly.
Sandy Grounds Estate
White Bay Villas
Evening Star Estates
Almost Heaven Villa
Pink House Villas

Getting to Jost Van Dyke
You’re able to fly to neighboring islands and water ferry or taxi over to Jost Van Dykes, Great Harbor. I flew into Puerto Rico, then boarded a 20 minute flight on InterCaribbean Airlines to Tortola’s Beef Island. There are about 4 daily flights on this route with planes that carry about 15 passengers. IMG_1023.jpgWe spent the night on Tortola and the next morning took a private water taxi to Jost Van Dyke. We stayed at Sandy Grounds Villas which required a water taxi from Great Harbor to the private dock. The private water taxi ride the whole way was awesome. The sun was setting and cold beer was included.
Sandy Grounds Villas
I recommend these villas for travelers that like adventure, silence, romantic getaway or a group of people that really get along. Sandy Grounds has 5 villas over looking Little Jost Van Dyke, Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit and a few other islands. Each villa has an average of 2 rooms. We stayed in the Diamond View villa which happens to be at the very top of the hills. When I say the top I mean, leaving the  bar at 2 a.m., taking a taxi and walking 30 minutes through a goat path and up three steep hills to your accommodations. My calves were in the best shape of their life after this trip.  While my group got along well, we like to turn up and mingle. The view is the main reason to stay at this property. The other reason would be the unbelievable private beach.

Arriving to the property with luggage and/or groceries is best done by water taxi. You then hop in a pickup truck with the property manager and he’ll drive you up the hill.

The most accessible bar or restaurant by foot is Foxy Taboo, which is about a 30 minute rough but scenic hike.

How was NYE, you ask? Nope, I didn’t forget. Jost Van Dyke’s Old Year’s Night celebration takes place on a strip with over 10 outdoor bars. Thousands of visitors sailing in from The Virgin Islands. There’s live music, drinks and food at each location. There’s dancing in the bars, streets, beaches, docks, heck even on the bathroom line. The celebration is indeed as amazing and crazy as the photos. In the end was it all worth it, yes. A wild once in a lifetime trip, I say once in  a life time because you only need to go once (by boat:).

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