Jost Van Dyke Eats

Gertrude’s Beach Bar,  White Bay
Gertrude’s provides peace and quite on one of the loudest beach (White Bay). A beach front restaurant with a small bar. One of the most unique decorative features of the space is the ceiling. It’s covered with signed t-shirts. Just a few steps away from Soggy Dollar and Hendos Hideout, I recommend coming here for food. We ended up having lunch here twice. Be warned that the wait is long but the food is freshly cooked and flavorful.

  • BBQ chicken
  • Veggie Roti
  • Chicken wings

Soggy Dollar, White Bay
We arrived via taxi but the reason this bar is called Soggy Dollar is because there’s no boat dock. Reaching the bar requires you to swim up from your boat. This bar is as live as it gets. You’ll see hundreds of scantily clad patrons indulging in painkillers and other tropical drinks. Food is also served but don’t expect anything truly authentic. The menu features hotdogs, chicken fingers and other fast food combos. I highly recommend going to this bar if you like a clean beach, hot crowd, music and good drinks.

  • Painkillers
  • Painkillers
  • Birth place of the Painkiller

Hendo’s Hideout , White Bay
Best beverage selection on the island but it will cost you. If you’re a luxury traveler this would be the beach bar for you. The food is more than adequate, with a slightly more sophisticated menu than it’s neighbor, Soggy Dollar. Hendo’s also has a full seating bar and tables, that are not in the sand. I suggest starting your day off here and then turning up at Soggy Dollar.

  • Pork Tacos
  • Fish and chips

Corsairs, Great Harbor
dsc03467Corsairs (the biker pirates lair). This is a very unique restaurant on Jost Van Dyke and completely a representation of the owner, Vinny. A harbor front restaurant with army trucks, pirate wheels and Harley Davidson memorabilia, who would think the food would be amazing. Ingredients are flown in once per week to keep the menu eclectic and fresh . We had:

  • Seafood ceviche: Fresh lump white fish, scallops and calamari in spicy citrus sauce.
  • Chicken wings: Deliciously seasoned with Asian/ Caribbean spices and then broiled for a light crisp.
  • Margarita Pizza: New York style pizza with a slightly thicker crust. I was pleasantly surprised to see fresh basil on the menu.

Abe’s By The Sea, Little Harbor
Best food on the island… let me repeat BEST FOOD ON THE ISLAND. More people recommended this restaurant than any other. Located on the far end of Little Harbor, this restaurant is very quiet. We arrived without reservation and the owner was genuinely surprised to see us. Turns out the restaurant is reservation only. You have to call ahead to make a reservation and pre-order your meal. For example we wanted lobster and they had to check the cage to see if they caught a lobster….. There wasn’t a lobster hanging out in the fridge. We wanted conch fritters and they had to see if enough conch was in their daily stock. Salad, corn, coleslaw, and seasoned rice is served with each dish. If you’d like a beverage simply walk up to the fridge, take what you want and write it down in their book. The food was fresh, flavorful and juicy.

  • Lobster
  • Conch Fritters
  • Salad
  • Ribs

Foxy Taboo, East End
The area around Foxy Taboo is very picturesque with a beautiful harbor and rock pools. The service at the restaurant is lovely, I might go as far to say the best on the island. We had dinner there our first night and while the food is adequate, it’s not the main attraction. Drinks are well made but on the expensive side. What this restaurant has is the most peaceful view on the entire island. There’s also a harbor which draws in a consistent crowd during high season. I recommend stopping here on your way to Bubbly Pool.

  • Mediterranean Chips and Salsa
  • Shrimp Kebab
  • Caesar Salad
  • Jerk Chicken

Little Jost Van Dyke
Version 2
B-Line is a very simple bar and the only bar on Little Jost Van Dyke. The beach is beautiful and a great place to lay back and watch the time go by. The bar serves good mixed drinks and beers. If you ask nicely and leave a tip, you might get wifi :). There’s no food so be sure to pack your lunch.


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