Jost Van Dyke Beaches

img_1142Beaches beaches and more beaches. Lets be honest, this is the reason you clicked on the article. The beaches on Jost Van Dyke range from party to private within a 10 minute drive or sail. The local population on Jost Van Dyke is under 300 people. However during high season you’ll see more than 300 at Soggy Dollar alone. The island is popular for yachting and even has a daily crowds during yacht week. So on any given day, dozens of  yachts will dock at a popular spot and hundreds of adult (if thats what you want to call them) depart and let loose.dsc03484The target spots would be Great Harbor, Little Harbor, Soggy Dollar and Foxy’s Taboo. The Island is a 30 minute hilly drive from one end to the other. There are also smaller islands and cays very close to Jost.
White Bay

The most popular day party location on the island. There are a large amount of restaurants and the beaches have white powdery sand, hence the name White Bay.

Great Harbor
The main island dock and town center. Most restaurants, bars and nightlife are in this area. There’s also a medical center, police station, church, school and tourism center. Very small beach but a beach all the same.

Sandy Cay

Simply put. This is a tiny island with a few trees and 360 degrees of beach!!!!!

Little Jost Van Dyke

This island looks like something out of a pirate movie or treasure island, with the exception of one beach bar. Beautiful location for cocktails and swimming after lunch.

Foxy’s Taboo
Small Harbor on the East End of the island with a very small beach. There’s also a rock pool that I wouldn’t dare enter. The most beautiful thing about this location is the view. It also helps that Foxy Taboo is there to provide great drinks.

Bubbly Pool

Get ready for a hike. Well to be honest I hiked this entire trip so, just get ready. I’m not sure who discovered this place but they had to have been very bored and brave. Either way, a not so convenient path will take you to this beautiful pool of water nestled between rocks and cliffs. A pool of bubbles are created by the force of waves hitting rocks and channeling through another pathway of rocks. The beach is small with pebble filled sand and man groves facing the back.

The path to bubbly pool is a 10-15 minute walk though man groves, various bodies of water, rocks, trees (some of them poisonous) and sand. It’s actually quite beautiful and makes you feel one with nature. This is a great area for photos.






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